Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are important to make an RV last. Since many motor homes are purchased used there may have been some neglected repairs present causing the prior owner to sell. Since the vehicle is already here for storage finding the time to make repairs or perform maintenance should not be an issue.Here are some of the services we offer at Oasis RV Center:

Engine Repair and Rebuilding

We work on both gasoline and diesel engines.

Transmission Flush

imagesOne of the most cost effective NON comprehensive methods of maintaining a transmission’s longevity, is by requesting a transmission pan (sump) service.

The service is normally performed after the the vehicle is road tested, scanned for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), checked for adjustments, and visually inspected on a the lift by an experienced technician. That specially trained technician will then appraise the condition of the fluid and any debris in the pan in order to evaluate the longevity of the transmission. In most cases, the transmission pan (sump) is removed from the vehicle and around half of the transmission fluid is then drained from thesystem. The fluid filter is then replaced and the screen in is cleaned to allow the rejuvenated fluid to separate from the harmful remaining bi-products caused by friction material in the hydraulic stream.


images We offer plenty of preventative maintenance solutions such as the MotoVac Tec III flush service.

The alternative to getting a pan service, is getting a flush of the transmission. This process combined with changing the filter and cleaning the screen can remove any existing debris which enables increased cooling, cleaning, and lubrication without much danger of damaging a newer transmission.

***Please Note*** This process can be dangerous for older transmissions with higher mileages because during a transmission flush, the new fluid (which contains a solvent) can potentially strip away needed surface area material which would cause a mechanical malfunction.
When the new fluid mixes with the remaining fluid in the transmission, it rejuvenates the fluid and begins cleaning the internal parts of the transmission. Because of the concentration of the solvent, the fluid (once added) cannot tell the difference between a dirty part and one that is overheated (but still functions). In addition, if the filter is not changed its ability to clean debris from the fluid is compromised. While we can perform both services, we always recommend getting the pan service since it is safer and better for the overall maintenance of the transmission.Service transmission products extend the life of the transmission and even carry a warranty for the transmission in most cases.

Brake Service


Brake repair from stock replacement parts to improved aftermarket brake components


Servicing brakes on an RV can be a life saving checkup.

Electrical Diagnostics & Repair


Need your electronics tuned? No problem!


We have the tools and expertise to trouble shoot any and all difficult to diagnose electrical issues.

Generator Repairs & Replacement

Generator repairs or replacement.

Air Condition Repairs

Air Conditioning and Heating is necessary for comfort when traveling.We believe in giving the customer value for your money. In order to do that we try to NOT replace an entire air conditioning system. In most cases we can come up with a fix that does not maximize part cost.  To properly diagnose and repair an Air Conditioning (AC) problem we start by finding out just what is or is not happening when the system is turned on.

Questions we may ask you:0fdccca0-c3d9-4e14-bad6-fd0bcb74b011_zpsa24d491a

  • Is the AC running and producing only hot air?
  • Is there cold air but not circulating?
  • Do all fan ranges work?
  • Where is the air coming out?
  • Are there strange noises, smells with the AC on.
  • Is anything leaking into the cabin.
  • Has the AC pollen filter been changed?
  • Have you added freon?

Using common sense and experience we use gauges to AC check compressor “head pressures.” Determining if the compressor is functioning properly is the first step. If a leak is suspected dye and leak detectors are often used to see if there is a big leak. Often “O” rings leak and create a loss of refrigerant making the system work harder to cool the vehicle.
Expansion valves stick from metal that a worn compressor may emit. AC fans, poor radiator function, leaky or damaged evaporator and condenser coils fail. Dryers clean the system and are often recommended when an entire system is replaced.
We use the best quality parts available sometimes the parts are updated or improved over the original ones.